This is a collection of gothic-angel-wallpaper that creates a great atmosphere, and each piece adds to a certain mood. These pieces were taken from Deviantart in order to serve as examples of Gothic art.

gothic angel art I enjoy the symbolism of paintings and digital art involving dark and fallen angels, since Christianity has been intricately tied with the Goths for centuries.

Thus, angels are always a good subject for painting or drawing. Their natural beauty, symbolism, and supernatural quality make them a focus point around Gothic-art and culture.

Like other supernatural ideas, angels fit right in with the Gothic style of darkness. A vast array of themes can be used with an angel as the subject.

From misery and sorrow to bliss and happiness, Gothic-angels can fit in just about every theme imaginable; making them a very versatile subject for art. Whether the artist is being symbolic, or just using the inherent beauty of them, Gothic-angels stand as a good symbol of our unique and unusual lifestyle.

There are many sites that provide Gothic-angel-wallpaper for your desktop (I've gone through a few myself), though the examples on this page aren't very suitable for desktop backgrounds.

cyber goth

In many ways we could compare ourselves to the angels we enjoy drawing. It is metaphorical to our own lives to create a vivid image of a being that is symbolic of heaven to be thrown into darkness; whether that being enjoys the darkness or wishes it was back in paradise is up to the artist.

This can reflect the reason someone became Goth in the first place; whether they are expressing their own inner sorrow for having fallen from the grace of normal society, or if they are here to spite everyone else by being what they were told not to be.

For ideas on where to go for Gothic-angel-wallpaper I would suggest browsing deviantart. In the context of Gothic-angels however, it seems that most of the art is more vertical than horizontal, so it makes it tricky to find a good background. One suggestion would be to set the image as centered on your desktop, and then set the background color to black.

Otherwise, there is plenty of artwork out there and in many different themes. The versatility of a Gothic-angel is truly amazing. Like the images across the page, you can see a small sample of what can be found across the internet.

The picture below makes me feel content, and beneath that one is of absolute misery. Gothic-angels can be made to fill both roles and everything in between, for that matter!

gothic rose

gothic angel wallpaper

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