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These are some samples of Gothic-backgrounds from different websites I have found. The samples I provide will give you a taste of the majority of what can be found on each site. I have been to each site, and they are all virus-free and safe to use! Each one is unique and has its own diversity of wallpaper that you can use. As in the case of DeviantArt, it's up to the artist whether or not you can use the art for anything other than as a desktop wallpaper, so be advised.

Here is a sample of backgrounds you can find from DeviantArt if you type 'Gothic backgrounds' in the search query. Just type in the URL on each picture to see the artists' gallery, and to find full-sized pictures of each background. Be advised that many of the artists are rather picky about how and where their art is used.

If you plan on using a piece for your own uses other than as a desktop wallpaper, it might be a good idea to create an account (if you don't already have one, they're free) and contact the artist.

Here is a sampling of backgrounds from WallpapersWeb . This site has many great backgrounds with a more subtle quality to them, a little better than DeviantArt as far as backgrounds are concerned. It also has a great selection of scary Gothic backgrounds and Gothic angel wallpaper that are all free to use! So go through them at your own leisure.

Gothic-angels Gothic-girl Gothic-rose Graveyard white roses

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