Gothic-fantasy-art can be anything from the imagination set in a dark atmosphere or context. Themes from fantasy universes are common subjects, and art prints can be heavily symbolic of a deeper meaning or simple expressions of the artist's mood or interest at the time. A Gothic art gallery will often display fantasy settings.

I enjoy this kind of fantasy art for its portrayal of the Gothic view of a beautiful world that appeals to the imagination. It can cover a wide variety of different subject matter such as Gothic angels and Gothic fairies along with demons, dragons, and the like. The sites I've listed below have any sort of fantasy element to the Gothic art they put up.

As usual, here is a list of what the talented artists at DeviantArt have come up with on a search field of "Gothic fantasy art." Surprisingly, there's not a whole lot of pictures set in a fantasy setting, but there's still a few good ones if you dig enough. Selling art online is common, yet many artists prefer to merely display their work.

gothic art

Gothic artwork

The fairy art below displays very typical Gothic dress. A strapless, lace-up corset dress with coordinating fishnet thigh highs and gauntlets. Knee-high boots and a black choker jewelry piece gives the perfect sex appeal.

gothic fairy art

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