Examples of Gothic-Tattoo-Designs

Gothic cross  tattoo

I've seen many examples of Gothic-tattoo-designs before, and I will see many more to come. They are any tattoo that has a symbolic quality, or is somewhat abstract in its appearance.

Where many people would get a colored tattoo, Gothic-tattoos are commonly just black. My favorite patterns are tribal designs, but there are many other patterns and themes that are great for tattoos.

A good place to start would be with Gothic-cross-tattoos such as the Germanic cross and the ankh. Both are symbols of the human soul, and the ankh was generally used as a symbol of health and healing by the Egyptians. The Germanic cross, not to be confused with the Christian cross, is a pagan symbol of the soul; or it can represent the four elements as well.

gothic tattoo

Other Gothic-tattoo-designs would be band logos, and various other symbols. I've seen excellent use of the Nine Inch Nails and Metallica logos before, and a friend of mine is getting the Slipknot logo as well.

Symbols with certain qualities, such as religious or zodiac symbols, are also a good idea since the meaning of it will never change. For this matter I would say that a tattoo of your zodiac sign would be an excellent first choice. That, and it would be a great conversation starter if you ever see someone with the same symbol!

The only thing about tattoos is that people often don't appreciate someone else copying the design they already got. Since tattoos are (usually) for life, everyone wants theirs to be unique. Hence why I like the idea of band logos; anyone can have the same one and nobody else will take offense!

If you want a good idea for tattoos though, take a design you like and collaborate with a tattoo artist to see how they can change it. Often times, they can turn one design into something absolutely better, and they enjoy people telling them to be more free in what they do (they especially like it when you refer to them as artists).

Not only would you have a design that is similar to the one you were thinking of, but it would then be unique to yourself! gothic tattoos For that matter, I wouldn't advise having the designs on this page done. These are just for inspiration and ideas for tattoos that you can get; and honestly, copying someone else isn't a very Gothic thing to do. If all else fails, a band logo or a symbol will never fail you!

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