In this Gothic-art-gallery you'll find many different kinds of Gothic art. Gothic artwork is very unique from normal art since it usually features dark or morbid themes set in a fantasy view of our own world. The artwork also gives inspiration for clothing styles and makeup ideas.

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Gothic art actually began in about the 12th century as a medieval art movement out of France, it was inspired by the popular Romanesque art of the day.

Medieval Gothic art is far more different than the Gothic artwork of today. In fact, it was generally frowned upon and considered 'barbaric' after the Gothic culture that it came from (the Goths were not very well liked in those days).

Shortly after that movement, the Gothic architecture movement followed and made its way onto many famous churches and religious buildings of today. This is the most well known of all Gothic contributions to the world of art.

Do note that I have not asked for any special permissions regarding the use of these images, but I have added the information about the artist to each picture, so I am not taking credit nor profiteering from any work of art.

If any artist feels the need for me to remove a specific piece, please visit my contact page. Aside from art posted on commission from larger companies, my Gothic-art-gallery is pretty much free advertising.

I'd be appreciative if visitors didn't use the art for anything other than personal use; do not take credit for their work! Talentless people are much more likable than people who take credit for the work of others...


If you would like to have a Gothic background for your desktop, there are plenty of choices through the link you just read over!

Gothic backgrounds come in a variety of fashions, from the industrial cyber Goth movement to traditional architecture, and a variety of digital and painted art set in a Gothic theme. They make for wonderful backgrounds, and the artists don't typically get very angry in that context. Some pieces would make for great contributions to a Gothic-art-gallery on their own!

Another common theme among Gothic artwork, Gothic Fairies are pretty much self explanatory. Fairies, usually known to have brilliant colors and a bright attitude, are great subjects for Gothic art when placed in a dreary, sad, dark, or morbid setting.

Sometimes the sharp colors of fairies are used to emphasize a more sinister scene, or the colors are dulled down to create an atmosphere of pain or sorrow. Or they can be portrayed as a fairy that lives in a Gothic world, content and blissful of its surroundings.

Similar to Gothic fairies, Gothic-Angels are another popular theme in the Gothic art world. Given the stories behind Christianity and the concept of a fallen angel, Gothic angels are often portrayed in a mannerism similar to that idea.

Though not as bright, childish, and colorful as their fairy counterparts, angels have often been portrayed as symbols of light and good; the idea of a dark angel symbolizing evil, or a fallen condition. Gothic angels are often portrayed in the same ways that a Gothic fairy can be. Sometimes sad, sometimes evil, or sometimes content and peaceful living in the Gothic universe.

On another end of the spectrum, Gothic Photography takes a more direct approach at the Gothic subculture at large. It usually includes Gothic architecture, but can also be landscapes during certain times and seasons that have an overall Gothic feel to them.

Gothic photography can also be normal scenes digitally manipulated to become more Gothic; though some people don't consider it to be the same thing, I say it doesn't matter. It can also include Gothic people posing in a Gothic setting.

On the subject of Gothic People we simply find pictures of real world Goths. Though small in numbers, we like having our pictures taken and bringing attention to the Gothic subculture as being a normal type of people.

Gothic people can be found in many unusual places, from large cities to small towns; but we don't typically run amok in full Goth attire (given the circumstances for maintaining a job and living in life).

These pictures show that, despite people believing Goth to be nothing more than a 'fad' one goes through in high school, we do exist in the real world. And though in some cases it may be, most Goths in high school continue being Goth through their adult lives (and end up having their picture taken and being posted on a website such as these).

Well, that's all I have for a Gothic-art-gallery as far as pictures go. Since I don't create my own art or know anyone who does, my options are somewhat limited. But follow the green links above (by the pictures) and you will find links to other sites that have their own Gothic-art-gallery and pictures that Gothic artists have created.

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