Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the Gothic subculture, Gothic-clothing is our defining quality; and often cannon fodder for criticism. When used as an outlet for personal creativity clothing becomes more than a style; it becomes a work of art.

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At a glance it would seem that all Goths dress the same, but this isn’t entirely true. It is true that there are many ‘categories’ of Gothic fashion that have a unique theme and section of the subculture, but each is according to our own personal tastes.

Whereas we all have different tastes in music and art, our style becomes a reflection of who we are and what we like. You can tell a lot about a Goth by the style they choose.

There are so many different styles that it’s almost impossible to cover them all in one page! That’s why for this section of the site I will be covering the basics of Gothic-clothing and some ideas for individual pieces and combinations.

Also something to keep in mind is that my artistic prowess for Gothic-clothing has been widely limited by financial resources and a conservative area; my ideas for style are generally simple, cheap, resourceful, and somewhat ‘mainstream friendly’.

It’s especially useful to review these basic ideas in case if you decide to go to a Gothic club where your style does matter; the last thing you want is to show up wearing something that doesn’t blend in so well with the atmosphere of the club!

All in all though, I would suggest that you throw in your own creative ideas and only use mine for a basic direction. It’s a defining trait of Goths to be able to design their own personal fashions, and most modify and design their own clothes all the time.

Another thing I will try to keep in mind is the application of makeup and a variety of Gothic hairstyles that compliment the overall appearance. Accessories are also invaluable for adding, piece by piece, a complete style.

There are so many different factors to Gothic style that it is truly necessary to use your own creative ideas that appeal to you; the varieties of combinations out there are so vast I would need another website to cover every one of them!

Just one more thing before we discuss the individual clothing pieces. It is important to keep a solid base color of black in mind when dealing with Gothic-clothing in most styles. Although every style is unique by its own right, they will commonly use black as the basic color for nearly everything.

Some styles, like Victorian or cyber Goth, will stray from the use of black as an absolute necessity. Some styles won’t even use black at all. In general, however, it’s a good idea to wear all black and use other colors to accent it. It should go without saying that Goths wear black.

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