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Gothic-haircuts are easy enough to go for, and are usually a good center-piece for your entire Gothic look. They tie everything together; after all, a Goth just wouldn't be complete without their Gothic hairstyle to finish off the rest of their appearance!

A good starting point would be shoulder-length black hair. On men and women alike it looks outstanding. Letting it grow out longer is the most recognizable aspect of the Gothic look.

However, for guys it seems somehow limited. Believe me when I say that finding a good example of a Gothic haircut for a guy is very difficult; especially if you're looking for a style that isn't just long, black hair!

As much as we don't want to even care about our hair, we can't deny that it ties our entire appearance together. In general, long, straight, black hair on guys is the Gothic norm. As far as being conventional in every day life goes, however, this style may not get you very far. This is where keeping it short would be a better alternative; dying it black and keeping your piercings in usually works out alright in the end.

Girls' styles are diverse and unique to the one who wears them. From straight and long hair, short hair, to crazy colors and mohawks, girls can do pretty much anything with their hair.

The more eccentric and interesting among us Goths like to wear psychotic colors in their hair, and even wear it in psychotic styles! Though I adore these styles, I would never wear mine in such a way. But, to each his own.
The good thing about having a Gothic-haircut is that you don't really need to get it cut at all. Just let it grow, if it curls like mine then straighten it (don't fear the straightener), and continue to dye it black every once in a while.

But, as far as being conventional in everyday life goes, keeping it at appropriate lengths can be frustrating for guys. I say that if you just keep it dyed black it'll fill in just as good (believe me, a Gothic hat will go a very long ways). For girls this process is a lot more fun, and many styles will work for every working day.
gothic hair

I will keep a small collection of Gothic-haircuts I find that I think are unique to each person and gender. Since it's nearly impossible to find examples of Gothic-guys across the web with different hair styles, I'll keep a few pictures up.

As for girls, there is an endless variety of different things you can do with it. Whether you keep it long or get it cut shorter, it'll come out alright in the end.

Click on each picture for a larger view. Unless otherwise stated, each bigger picture also links back to the original art at Deviantart. I'd suggest perusing each artist's personal gallery for some unique ideas and examples of Gothic-haircuts to think about.

Oh, and P.S. to the artists out there: if you want your art removed, use my contact me page and send me a message. Rest assured your art will be removed as quickly as possible and I won't argue about it.

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