Gothic-people are the core of this website, and the foundation on which the Gothic subculture is built upon. Without its people, it would be nothing. They are interesting, creative, free-willed, and show their true colors with pride.

They are all around us, whether we know it or not. Due to the rules of the world around us, many of them have to conform to dress or appearance codes; making them difficult to spot. But they are there, and they emerge after their working hours.

We are often shy in public, and don't completely enjoy the company of people unlike ourselves. However, in the company of our fellow Goths we open up and become much happier.

We are the dark, creative, inspirational, and free-willed members of society. Often times we are stereotyped as being dangerous or self-destructive, but Gothic-people are far from that. We express ourselves more than other people, and our expression comes from our variety of views and pasts with the world around us.

Not everyone is the same, yet we all share a common thread of similarity with our love for the darker side of life. Contrary to popular belief, we are not dangerous, violent, or self-destructive. Goths are actually very nice and well-behaved; we don't like making a bad name for ourselves or for our fellow Goths.
We enjoy creating the 'shock and awe' effect in other people. Dressing in extremity is one way of doing this, as many of us enjoy the attention.

I've always enjoyed being a scary person on the outside, then turning around and helping the people that are afraid of me to create this effect. It shocks them to think that their impression of me was wrong; the same ideal goes with many other Goths.

So do not be fooled, we are very friendly people. We do not want to hurt anyone or cause any trouble; we just want to be unique and different.

Not all Goths dress in total extremity; some of us are more comfortable with a subtle appearance than an psychotic one. Just about anyone who likes to wear all black is someone who shares the Gothic-subculture ideals.

It's uncommon to find someone who wears all black since most people prefer to wear colors instead. It took me awhile to figure out that I stand out from a crowd because I wear all black; I didn't even realize it for a long time.

Myself aside, a Goth is easy to find if they are around. Many of us just don't like wearing the usual colors; white and yellow makes my skin crawl, and if I'm not wearing enough black I become irritable.

So, in short, Gothic-people are not to be feared, and finding them is not too much trouble; you just gotta keep your eyes peeled. Here's a small assortment of pictures to see what extreme Goth tends to look like.

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