Gothic-photography can contain a variety of subjects and in many different contexts. Commonly seen pictures would be photographs of Gothic cathedrals, Gothic people, and digitally altered pictures of normal scenes. It is different from normal photography in that it commonly uses a darker setting, greyscale, or darker subjects such as cemeteries. Many pictures are altered from normal content to appear dark and sometimes evil; these are often my favorites since they cast our normal world into a fantasy world.

Of course, the idea is to capture a normal picture that resembles a Gothic fantasy world; something that is easily done with cathedrals and cemeteries done in the correct lighting.

When it comes to photography, night pictures aren't going to turn out as good as ones done during the day. A good setting for a Gothic themed photo is on a cloudy day with no sunlight (since we are all so aversive to it). I've also seen the sunlight used symbolically in some pictures where it shines through a window; it looks best when taken through a cathedral's stained glass window.

Click on the smaller pictures to make them bigger, and use them with respect to the artists.

A Gothic-cemetery A dark-gothic cathedral The Gothic-cathedral of Notre Dame The Gothic-cathedral of Barcelona

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