Feeling emotion through dark-gothic-arts

Like everything that is Goth, dark-Gothic-arts are the many forms of art that are particularly darker in nature. It being a wide area in and of itself makes it difficult to narrow down and describe. It can go into any field of art; and the majority of Gothic art is dark in nature.

dark gothic art

What can be considered dark?

The art can be positive, negative, or anywhere in between. Some are just cool to look at, while others will inspire a profound sense of emotion. Although there is only an adjective difference, the majority of all Gothic art is pretty much dark anyways; so this genre can cover anything dark.

Being a vast area, any subject can be used for dark-Gothic-arts and in any context. Anything that is darker than normal (even for Gothic art) could be considered under this idea.

For instance, drawing a Gothic angel in this style is not only a common theme; it runs hand in hand with the idea of Gothic art. He/she could be placed in a darker, more sinister setting; or in a setting of misery. If it is darker than usual, they can fill the bill quite nicely.

Gothic fairies on the other hand are a little trickier to place in a sinister context. Though not impossible to accomplish, their bright colors and cheerful mentality can create a difficulty when drawing them in a darker setting than normal; but that’s if we throw out the idea of making a sad fairy.

However, an interesting idea for an aspiring Gothic artist would be to try creating dark Gothic art by manipulating real life photography. The subject matter is endless, and the possible modifications for each photo only broaden this idea. But the jewels of the dark photography field are the scenes that don’t need any digital manipulation; dead trees, cemeteries, and the like.

When it comes to dark-Gothic-arts be open and creative. The world can always use more artists willing to venture into the field of darkness. There are plenty of other art ideas besides the ones I can think of. Originality and creativity go a very long ways in the field of art!

Onward to examples of dark Gothic art!

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