Where to find freaky-eye-contacts online

By this point the question of where you should buy your freaky-eye-contacts from is probably on your mind.

freaky eye contacts

The best, and safest, option is to order contact lenses through your doctor, since it’s their job to know what to do and how to do it right. Be sure to ask them everything you can about theatrical lenses and what to watch out for when ordering online.

Of course, since we are all lazy people, we would rather stay at home and just order our contacts online. This is alright, as long as you know what you need to know about your eyes.

A trust-able online source will provide information for the base curve and diameter; and a better source will allow you to adjust them to your specifications. Finally, they must state the brand of the contact lens. The following sites are either FDA approved or in compliance, and they could (possibly) be trusted.

vampire contact lenses www.orbitalware.com (These guys are all about theatrical lenses; but since it is a custom site the prices are through the roof. Prepare to pay an arm, a leg, and take out a bank loan as well)

www.justlenses.com (The prices are low, although the site is difficult to navigate. Under ‘select contact lenses’ choose ‘color disposable’ and then just start off with your brand. They don’t sell theatricals, but they do have outstanding colors!)

www.coastalcontacts.com (A great selection of theatricals, though the prices are a little steep)

www.extremesfx.com (A somewhat slim variety of theatricals to choose from, but the prices are more than affordable! They are all about freaky-eye-contacts and I would personally recommend them first)

www.lensmart.com (They claim to fight high prices; even though they themselves have high prices. But still, they are another selection of contact lenses)

There are plenty of other sites on the web than just these five. You just gotta keep searching until you find some that have reasonable prices. Just copy the site into a notepad document or something until you have a couple sites in there, then go back through and find the one you like.

Also, if you are nervous about a particular manufacturer, request their written patient information. This information should include all the specifications of the lenses so you can compare them to your own; if the info doesn’t match up, don’t buy it! And especially don't buy if they give some sort of reason for not having their patient information. Keep it legit, and your eyes will thank you.

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