The Goth-Lifestyle

The Goth-lifestyle is more than just being an oddball; it’s about embracing that side of us that wants to be an oddball. Everybody is different, yet we all share some common personality traits that many people don’t know about. If they knew more about our unique mindset then they wouldn’t be so quick to throw us out. So, here are a few of the common personality traits of a Goth.

Intelligent. Contrary to what one may think, we are not stupid. The Gothic culture is full of intellects who know what they’re talking, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. We are usually very creative when it comes to working, and many of us pursue careers in an artistic field.

Artistic. It is well-known that Goths are very artistic people. Some have outstanding artistic talents, and others have artistry in other applications. You can be a musical artist, but have terrible drawing skills. But every Goth has some sort of artistic skill; it is up to each of us to find it.

Identity-oriented. One of the biggest reasons we become Gothic is because of where our sense of personal identity leads us. When someone like us embraces their true identity, social norms aside, they become Goths. Being a Goth is what allows us to express our true identity.

Fun-loving. The Goth-lifestyle being a form of counter-culture, an upbeat life goes hand in hand with the usual Gothic personality. Though each of us is different, Goths like to have fun. Concerts are usually a great place to see and meet Goths, and many of us try to form our own bands.

Friendly. Believe it or not, but Goths are very friendly. Talk to any of us as a friend and we’ll treat you the same. We tend to enjoy what I call a ‘friendly biker complex’; when a big bad biker is polite and holds the door for you. Goths often enjoy the reactions they receive from being nice to people that are afraid of them.

Accepting. Being a culture of individuality, we are very accepting of all people. Goths are tolerant and embrace difference as a means of unity; not disparity. We are accepting of each other and anyone who tolerates our presence.

Fashionable. Everyone and their dog knows even the basics of the Gothic style. It is a flexible style that can remain unique even as it changes from person to person, year to year. There isn’t any sort of ‘Goth fashion’ fad that changes every season as far as I know; it’s all free game to whatever your imagination desires.

Attention seeking/deflecting. We are attention hogs. Goths love attention like no other. And if we so desire we can draw it in or deflect it with ease. Changing around certain styles and behavior allows us to slip through crowds without gathering attention (or attracting a whole lot of it).

United by difference. We are all unique. It is the foundation of our beliefs to be different from each other; to be one of a kind. And we give respect for being different. The Goth-lifestyle allows for it.

Individuality. Alongside our differences runs the idea of individuality. Unlike non-conformity, individuality focuses on the self for expression without even thinking about society or being labeled in a group. Every Goth is an individualist, and we like it that way.

A common color scheme. The main way we identify with each other, our strange color coordination of black on black combined with a variety of oddities is how we are given our namesake.

Though each Goth is different, we are all very similar in mindset. Maybe you will find that the Gothic mentality is where you feel at home.

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