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Page 2 of Goth-names including demon names, Gothic names and many candidates that could also be used for unique Gothic baby names. Create the ultimate screen name for online chat rooms, forums and Gothic communities.
Jet : A black gemstone similar to obsidian. Since it's a gemstone, you could easily get away with this for Gothic baby names

Jezebeth : Demon of falsehoods and lies

Jinx : In Latin means "magic charm." Although more suitable as a pet name, this is an idea for Goth names

Kalma : Ancient Finnish goddess of death whose name means "corpse stench." For the black metal fans, this would make a good Goth-name

Kasdeya : From the "Book of Enoch", the 5th Satan

Kobal : Demon of hilarity

Lachrimae : In Latin means "tears"

Leonard : Master of black magic and sorcery

Levana : Hebrew word for moon. A great idea for Gothic baby names and Goth-names

Leviathan : Dragon of the Sea, the Crooked Serpent of the abyss.

Lilith : In demonology, the demon of waste. In Assyrian means "of the night." Also, Lilitu is the alleged first wife of Adam before Eve, also the alleged favorite wife of Satan. Also would be an interesting idea for Gothic baby names or Goth-names

Malphas : Grand president of hell, commands 40 legions; appears as a raven. This sounds like an idea for vampire names

Mara : In Scandinavian folklore, an evil wraith that causes nightmares. In Hebrew, means "bitter." A good idea for vampire names

Mastema : Leader of fallen angels whose job is to tempt men to sin and accuse them before God

Merula : In Latin means "blackbird"

Moloch : Demon worshipped by the Israelites through child sacrifice

Morte : French for "dead" or "death"

Naberius : Strong demon in charge of 29 legions, a Marquis of hell

Narcissus : A Greek mythological figure who fell in love with his own figure in a pool of water, fell in, and drowned.

Necro- : Latin prefix for "dead" or "of death"

Nergal : Second order demon, commands the secret police. Also as in the singer for Behemoth.

Nicor : Water demon known for drowning humans; can cause hurricanes, tempests and the like

Nightshade : Poisonous purple flower. Also a choice idea for Goth-names

Nissa : In Hebrew means "sign" or "the test"

Noctus/Nox : In Latin means "night"

Nocturne : A piece of music that evokes night

Nybbas : Manager of visions and dreams, inferior order charlatan

Nysrogh : Second order demon, chief of the house of princes

Obsidian : Black, glass-like stone. Sharper than steel. Interesting starting point for Goth-names

Omega : Last letter of the Latin alphabet; also means "the end." When you have that final kid, and you say "no more!" then this would be a good baby name for that occasion

Ophelia : Greek word for help or aid

Oriax : Marquis, demon who commands 30 legions; teaches astrology

Ornias : name of the harassing demon

Ose : Great President, governs 30 legions

Pandora : A Greek mythological figure. A comical idea for Gothic baby names

Persephone : A Greek mythological figure. An interesting idea for Gothic baby names

Pyro : Prince of falsehoods and lies. I've actually heard of this one being used as a baby name before.
Raven : Bird often associated with death; rather overused among Goths, but still a good idea for Goth names

Renu : In Sanskrit means "born of dust"

Ronove : Marquis of hell, commanding 19 legions, teaches languages. Another good idea among vampire names

Ronwe : Inferior demon, commands 19 legions

Rune : The letters of the Nordic alphabet, also used in paganism. A unique idea for Gothic baby names

Salem : In Arabic means "secure" or "peace." Ironically, the town where dozens of people were burned on accounts of witchcraft.

Samael : Demon angel of death, prince of the power of the air. Also a black metal band.

Sardonix : Type of onyx that is red instead of black. Now this would be a cool middle-name or for Goth-names

Semiazas : Chief demon of fallen angels

Shadow : Rather obvious. And overused. But the idea is still out there

Snow : Another obvious one

Sonneillon : Demon of hatred

Starling : A type of bird. Great for Goth-names

Stolas : High prince of hell, commanding 26 legions; teacher of astronomy and plant properties

Talon : Another word for 'claw.'

Tartarus : The Greek equivalent for Hell. Sounds like tartar sauce, except it doesn't go good with fish

Tempest : A storm. Tempest Talon, good idea for Goth-names

Tenebrae : In Latin means "darkness." Used in certain ways would make for a unique Goth-name

Tethys : In Greek means "dispose" or "order"

Thamuz : Ambassador of hell, demon master of big weapons

Thorn : You should know this one. This is another comical idea for Gothic baby names

Uvall : Duke, commanding 36 legions, knows the past, present and future; strong and scary. An excellent idea for vampire names

Valafar : Strong Duke, commands 10 legions, appears in the shape of a lion. I'd pick this for Goth-names or as a middle name. Also an excellent choice among vampire names

Vepar : Grand Duke, strong; guide of waters, like a mermaid

Verdelet : Master of ceremonies. Also a good idea for vampire-names

Verin : Demon of impatience

Vetis : Demon of corruption

Vladimir : Historical Romanian count, also known as "Vlad the Impaler" after impaling 1000 enemy POWs because he did not want to deal with them. Also known as Dracula. And not a good recommendation for Goth-names since everyone knows who that is; but the idea is still out there.

Willow : A type of tree

Winter : Quite obvious

Wolf : Once again, obvious

Xaphan : Second order demon, former fallen angel, fans the furnace flames

Xenobia : In Greek means "stranger." It would certainly go good for Goth-names

Yama/Yamaraja : Lord of death in Hinduism

Zephyr : Greek word for the west wind

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