A remarkable piece of work is one that utilizes Gothic-fairies. I can't think of any symbolic value fairies have in our lives other than in our fantasies as little kids; they seem to appeal on that level, anyway. But it is probably because of this childhood association that we sometimes express our creativity with fairies.

The obvious difference between fairys and angels is the wings. Angel wings are feathered and fairy's wings are more like a butterfly or insect.

I think that drawing a Gothic-fairy is simply redrawing something that is normally very bright in a darker context; if the fairy in question is happy or sad where they're at is dependent on the artist. Fairies are like the part of us that stays happy and childish; bringing them into our Gothic universe means that we are happy enough in this fantasy to bring elements of another into it. Alternatively, I could just be looking too hard at something that is simplistically beautiful.

Here is a sample of what the talented artists from DeviantArt have submitted. There is a lot of fairy content through this site, since many of the artists like them so much. Whether they be Gothic or not-so-Gothic, there are fairies all over!

Gothic fairy Gothic fairy wings Gothic fairies goth fairy

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