Perhaps a broader category, Gothic-shirts can be many different things. Just about anything can be a Gothic shirt; assuming that it fits well in the context of your outfit. Though it is cheapest to buy simple t-shirts and sleeveless shirts, there are a few other kinds of shirts commonly worn.

For instance, in the industrial scene you will find shredded shirts that resemble spandex with lots of rips everywhere. It’s a no-brainer that it’s cheaper to buy some kind of muscle shirt and make the rips yourself instead of buying one from a Gothic brand name.


These shirts allow for many odd accessories to stand out, and go perfect with baggy pants. For the cyber Goth style, these can be any vivid color; such as green or red.

Within the same context are brand name shirts that often feature buckle and bondage details. Though it is theoretically possible to make one yourself, I’ve never found a store that sells belt buckles without a $10 belt with it.

So, it’s acceptable to buy these from a brand name; but you shouldn’t ever ignore the need to make modifications to each piece.

Perhaps a unique piece in the Gothic wardrobe is the mesh shirt. These are basically just fishnet shirts that are often worn on their own, or in conjunction with a ripped or brand name shirt with detachable sleeves.

They can be longsleeve or shortsleeve, but it generally looks good to have an accessory (such as gauntlets) to cover the end of the sleeve.

Gothic-shirt Regular shirts are uncommon to the extreme styles, but can do a decent job at having a more conservative approach.

I wear t-shirts with black pants all the time; they’re good for the winter when a mesh shirt is the last thing you’ll be wearing for warmth.

Beyond the industrial scene you enter into the Victorian Goth style, for which a simple button-up longsleeve shirt works very well.

Since the style itself is very formal, the best colors should be dark; black and crimson work very well.

For girls, shirts are an entire market. Each one tends to be a little different than the last; but each one is always flashy to some degree.

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