Why become-Gothic ?

Since So far we've discussed how to become-Gothic but I haven't really said much as to why! There are many reasons why, most of which you probably already know.

I suppose the most superficial reason to become-Gothic is because you know just as well as I do that the regular clothing styles are somewhat irritating. I, for one, can't stand to wear white shirts. Nothing about popular style is very interesting or unusual; it's certainly too bland for my taste. But I find the various Gothic styles quite fascinating and a welcome sight for bored eyes.

Ok, aside from that stupid reason, there is a completely unique world within the Gothic subculture. In the real world we end up hiding most of what we are because it scares other people; it therefore becomes difficult to be yourself when everyone else resists you (especially in a conservative area). Clubs are a focal point for the subculture and offer us an outlet to be around our fellow freak. In a world where responsibility suppresses our personal freedoms we find sanctuary among each other and a release from the tyranny of the corporate world.

In case you haven't noticed by now, it is very difficult to find anyone with similar interests as you. A lot of us are shy because we simply don't share any common ground with people around us. At a Gothic club you are surrounded by people who are just as 'different' as you; not to mention the environment (sometimes literally) screams serenity! It's amazing to be somewhere that is surreal and full of people like you.

A good reason to become-Gothic is simply because you don't always get along with the 'normal' folk. Being the eccentrics that we are, we tend to get along with each other much better than the rest of the world. I'm sure some of us can get along just fine, but there are those of us who just have a knack for offending people without meaning to (like me).

With that in mind, the subculture offers those of us with unusual interests and personalities other people who are just as weird and twisted as ourselves. Just as the comic book store draws the intellectual nerds out of hiding, the Gothic clubs draw us out like bats at night (forgive the cliche metaphor). They are a focal point for us to meet and take a break from the real world; and it's probably the only place you can escape the pointing fingers of small children.

These points may be valid reasons in and of themselves to become-Gothic but I am missing the most crucial element of the entire subculture! It is the heart, the beat that drives us forward, the spirit that gives us our will; the music.

Gothic music is very diverse. In fact, I can only do it justice over the course of many pages; but I will be brief and give some basic ideas. There are many genres of Gothic music, each of which tends to attract similar minds. It influences how we dress and frequently attracts people of similar behaviors as well (our behavior creates the music, not the other way around). It was from the music that the subculture was born, and it is from the music that we continue to evolve.

I'm sure someone else could explain better than I can the difference between Gothic music and regular music. The only explanation that I can offer is the observation that only Goths seem to enjoy most types of Gothic music. Some bands are 'compatible' with the pop culture (such as Ayria), and some would scare away any regular person within seconds of playing (like Life Cried).
For that reason I find the Gothic subculture quite preferable. The music tends to filter out a lot of people that I don't like and lets in a lot of people that I do like. It's all fine and dandy if you like the music, but you really gotta be just as much into the people to really enjoy the subculture. A lot of places are very liberal about who they let in, but some places enforce a dress code. I suggest experiencing a more liberal crowd first before diving into a strict club.

Now that I have gone off on a small tangent about the music, I suppose that the only reason off the top of my head why you should become-Gothic is because we always enjoy more company (well, most of us). If you show interest in the subculture, odds are that a Goth who is active in it will be more than eager to show you around. We appreciate people who are willing to see what we are all about with an open mind instead of making the misguided assumptions that are frequently stereotyped.

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