You wanna-look-Gothic but how?

If you wanna-look-Gothic just follow my advice. It isn’t really difficult to accomplish. You become a Goth when people start calling you Goth. Although, you don’t really need anything more than a wardrobe change to fix that.

Looking Gothic takes no effort, since you are most likely one already. There are many people like this, and they tend to remain a closet-Goth until they get sick of not being comfortable with the way they present themselves. And presentation is a large step in the world of superficiality!

So, here’s a few ideas to get you started. Presentation is perhaps one of the greatest things about being a Goth. You are able to use your own creativity when it comes to your appearance; and your fellow Goths will expect nothing less!

1.) Get in touch with your creative side! When it comes to personal expression, learning your creativity is essential to making a successful break from the cramped up closet you were born in. Avoid mimicking a Gothic look, but also avoid being a non-conformist.

There is no dress code for Goths. It’s all just a bunch of mix and match when it comes to presenting ourselves. You can identify yourself as being a Goth, but each Goth represents themselves through their own tastes. Just look around and find certain styles that you, as a person, enjoy and go with them.

2.) When money is an issue, time is your friend. After giving it considerable thought, you may have an idea of what you want. However, given the size of your wallet, this idea may not come to fruition (since everyone else only sees dollar signs).

Rather than settling for less than what you want, devote some time to run around to cheaper stores and to modifying what you already have. This not only saves your money, but also offers a more profoundly unique method of personal expression.

3.) You wanna-look-Gothic be prepared for social dissonance. Depending on where you live it may be an issue or not at all. I myself have not come across anything too drastic, but in some areas being different will earn you the scorn of others. Goths are known to receive such attention, and they often soak it up.

I have been asked before why I ‘feel’ I must be a Goth to be myself. This is the ultimate corker of questions, since it can stump anyone from expressing why. It’s the lose-lose question; since answering it will make you look stupid either way. Should this one pop up just ask the same question back.

There is also a difference between acting and reacting to harassment. A good Goth will never react to it; since getting a rise out of you is what people will want. The wittier among us can cause harassment to backfire on the offender without the need for loud voices or harsh language. When all else fails, knowing and using your legal rights will typically win out in the end.

4.) Be yourself. All my life people always told me to be myself; as a result I became a Goth. You’ll find that being yourself is far easier in the Gothic sub-culture than outside of it.

Every Goth has their style. If you look closely you’ll notice that each of us will wear something that reflects our personality; not just our social standing. At a glance we all look the same, but an in-depth look will reveal that each and every one of us is different from the other. And our style is meant to reflect what kind of person we are. We wanna-look-gothic.

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