What is this Gothic-subculture you speak of?

The gothic-subculture is intriguing. Little do many people know, but Goth is a lot more than just a mentality or style of clothes; it’s a lifestyle choice. Though we are recently finding more and more tolerance in the world, the Goths have been blamed for many of society’s problems in the past.

Why? Because nobody understands our true nature; they believe what they want to believe. And that belief is that our artistic obsessions are the root of all evil; or that our aggressive and unusual appearance makes us bad people. So, allow me to elaborate what we really are!

Looking at a modern day view of the Goths you will find that we are an incredibly large Gothic-subculture of dark-dressing night people (though we do run amok during the day). Just beneath the layers of normal society, you will find the darker and more unknown layer of the Gothic-subculture waiting for you to find them. In many ways we are far more united than any mainstream culture.

What many people think is the root of all their problems is what gives us the most gratification: dark art. We, unlike many people, actually enjoy the emotional qualities of darkness, and we are always seeking out the unknown. The stereotype of our dark obsession doesn’t come from nowhere, after all!

This is reflected in our art. We appreciate fine art, and if it arouses negative emotions then we find it even more beautiful for its ability to do that! Why do you think many of us dress the way we do? We are a highly expressive and artistic people, and that art is portrayed both inside and out.

Another misconception about Goth is that it is only a dress style. Though, at a glance, Goths may all look the same. But if you look a little closer you’ll find that each of us is unique; even in dress style. Despite our uniqueness, we share many similar opinions, views, and life experiences in our personalities.

The vast majority of the gothic-subculture are highly artistic. We all share a love for the dark and macabre; and it isn’t because we want to love it, but because we do love it. The sub-culture is only an accident.

It all started in the 70’s when music was beginning to truly take off and soar. A new form of music came out that was darker than the rest, and it was nicknamed Gothic. After awhile, the fans of this music began dressing like the musicians who expressed it, and began to evolve a sort of style that was incredulously darker than the bright and happy color scheme of the day. United through the common themes of the music, and recognizable by our darker wardrobe, the Gothic sub-culture was born.

Now, almost 40 years later, the Gothic sub-culture is far bigger and more well-known than it ever has been. More people have become-Gothic over the years, and they have stayed that way for a very long time. It is not just a high school fad for rebellion; it is a way of life now.

In actuality, you could say that some people are Gothic people by nature. They naturally like the dark, and shun the societal norms; not out of hate or rebellion, but because that’s just the way we are.

Why become Gothic?

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